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~The reason of establish in Japan~


The Japanese economy has grown rapidly by Abenomics . It endured a low- growth era that was said "the 20 years lost" .


Japanese company owns a lot of intellectual properties , which is guaranteed by the quality of "made in japan" . It says that the intellectual property is just lifeline for Japanese companies. With this order business in Japan , imitation and , such as copyright infringement , as compared to the country of the neighboring countries , it will be freed from many of the worries .


We Tokyo Consulting Group have the experience and expertise to provide the services required for incorporation in Japan. We support your startup processes by dispatching our staff for accounting, labor, and tax-related tasks.


Business Setup


Starting A Business In Japan


Businesses are no longer exclusive to domestic markets in the era of globalization. One aspect of development in a contemporary company is the establishment of overseas branches and subsidiaries.


Asia has become one of the world's most dynamic and competitive markets, prompting many companies to establish branches on the continent. Situated in the heart of Asia, Japan plays a key role in the continent's economic development since the late 20th Century. Securing a business base in Japan can prove to be an excellent entry point into the Asian market.


We Tokyo Consulting Group have the experience and expertise to provide the services required for incorporation in Japan. We support your startup processes by dispatching our staff for accounting, labor, and tax-related tasks.


Table of Contents

  • Overview


  • Incorporation Strategies


  • Incorporation Processes


  • What Tokyo Consulting Group has to Offer




Before starting a business in Japan, the company has to be registered as a legal entity. The business will be recognized as such after the complete registration of its branch office or subsidiary company.


Registration is necessary for daily operations in the country. For instance, when opening a bank account, a newly established business in Japan will be required to show a certificate of registration as a legal entity.


Accounting rules and processes differ between entities. It is essential that the method of incorporation matches your strategy, and this is also an area we can offer support.


Incorporation Strategies


There are several possible strategies for setting up a company in Japan. Due to the enactment of Japanese Corporate Law in 2006, some restrictions on business startup were lifted. Since then, business incorporation has become simpler for foreign companies, allowing easier access into the Japanese market.


Below are the most common methods of business incorporation in Japan: Subsidiary Company(Kabushiki-Kaisha or Godo-Kaisha), Branch, Representative Office, and Representative Service.

Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing Review - World Class Museums and More!
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Leave the stiff and boring life behind for some excitement and enjoyment in one the of the top travel destination in Texas – Galveston Island. This 32-mile long island offers a wide variety of attractions from sandy beaches, museums, art galleries, theatrical productions to historic homes and mansions.


Spend some “island time” and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities such as fishing, golfing, boat riding, kayaking and surfing. With the help of Galveston Island Convention & Visitors Bureau, you can successfully start planning your dream vacation on the island of Galveston.


Historic Island


Galveston is known for their historic past and rich culture and one of the best ways to spend your vacation in the island is by visiting world class museums. Galveston has a wealth of amazing museums that can give you a fun day filled with facts and unique adventures. Some of the best museums in Galveston are the Galveston Children’s Museum, Lone Star Flight Museum and The Bryan Museum.


The Strand District which is considered the heart of the Galveston’s downtown has many restored historic buildings from the 19th and 20th centuries. Make sure to take a trip on historic mansions including the 1895 Moody Mansion and the Bishop’s Palace built in 1892.


Galveston for Lovers


Whether you are planning a romantic getaway or a picture perfect place for your wedding, Galveston is surely a right choice. Galveston Island has plenty of fabulous wedding venues that can provide everything you need for a romantic wedding by the sea. When it comes to anniversaries, honeymoon or romantic getaways, Galveston Island will surely light up your romance.


Hotels Everywhere


Galveston Island is abundant in hotels, whether you want an extravagant room or just a simple but a clean place to stay for a night, the island has dozens of hotel options that will definitely suit your budget. Most of these hotels are located near the center of the island and major attractions.


Photo Contest for Everyone


#LoveGalveston2017 Photo Contest began last February and will run until April. Those who participated have a chance to win up to $1,000 cash. In addition, the photo submitted in the contest may also be used for marketing purposes in Galveston.

Attorney General Warns of Holiday Scams Security and Risk Online
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COLUMBUS, Ohio —Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine  warned consumers of scams to avoid this holiday season.


“Scams don’t take a break during the holidays, and when people are busy or distracted, they may be more likely to fall for a scam,” Attorney General DeWine said. “We just encourage people to be careful. Take a few minutes to think, and if something doesn’t seem right, don’t do it.”


Scams to avoid this holiday season include:


Seasonal job scams. Job seekers find an ad for a mystery shopping or package shipping position where they can work from home. They complete an online “interview” over chat or email. Once they’re selected for the job, they receive a check. They’re told to deposit the check and immediately wire a portion of the money somewhere else. Ultimately, the check is returned as counterfeit, and the job seeker loses any money he or she has sent.


Package delivery scams. Consumers receive a message saying a package is waiting for them. The “package” turns out to be a phony notice claiming they’ve won millions of dollars but must send money to redeem the prize (In reality, the prize does not exist). In another variation of the scam, consumers receive an email or text message with instructions to click a link for the status of a package delivery. Although the message looks real, it’s a scam designed to trick consumers into clicking on the link and infecting their device with malicious software.


Advance-fee loan scams. Consumers apply for a loan online, but they’re told they need to pay a few hundred dollars in advance to secure the loan. They send the money but never receive anything in return.


Online shopping scams. Con artists pose as sellers online, taking money for items they never deliver. For example, in the “puppy scam,” consumers find an ad for a puppy on social media or classified ad websites like Craigslist or Hoobly. They pay the “seller” hundreds or thousands of dollars, supposedly to cover shipping fees, crate costs, insurance payments, or veterinary bills, but they never receive anything in return.


Charity scams. Con artists pretend to represent real charities, soliciting consumers by phone, online, or outside stores or malls. They make vague, phony claims about supporting a worthwhile cause and collect donations on the spot, but they keep the money for themselves.

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